Apple Cinnamon Tea

Apple Cinnamon Tea

Apple Cinnamon tea is not only a cup of tea its hope in a cup .

It’s a delicious cup of health that brings out the magic in this amazing concoction or blend of  tea.

As the saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away and with it if there is some cinnamon added, life  couldn’t be better to get a drink to bring a smile to a face and health to body . Yes Apple cinnamon tea , is your perfect dose of health for the daily energy


Can apple tea improve health?

Apple Cinnamon Tea Benefits

Along with Apple and Cinnamon  ,Apple Cinnamon Teas contain real tea too, such as black, green or oolong.

It’s so famous for a reason  Cinnamon as a spice is an ingredient that has many potential benefits, this tawny coloured spice is a prized medical remedy known for its  anti-inflammatory ingredient and it also helps keep our skin healthy and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Apple known as the  ‘forbidden fruit of wisdom’ is known  for its anti-oxidant rich properties, and the most relished Apple Cinnamon Tart combination have been around for centuries as it said to  lessen the risk of diabetes, prevent gallstones and detoxify your liver. The heavenly combination of these ingredients reduce the  risk of heart disease, reduce cholesterol levels, regulate insulin levels , lesser the risk of cancer and also helps to  improve the immune system and these natural ingredients work miracles as instant remedy for sore throats and colds.


So, maybe a cup of apple cinnamon tea  a day can keep your doctor away.

Both apple and cinnamon are recognised as super-foods by researchers.

Apples and cinnamon have been around mankind for ages.


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