MADHOM  is one of the honey manufacturing brand in India which creates an unique  infusion  of honey with a variety of fruits and natural ingredients. We believe in helping our clients to stay healthy and fit by not sacrificing over any of your sugar cravings


ZIOB- is a humble approach towards beverage education, highlighting the indigenous concepts and history of beverage contribution in the lives of people in society .

Come and Discover the hidden talent .Unravel your secret ambitions and gain access to quality learning to get trained to become a certified beverage specialist. Attend the coveted professional training program and have people ‘drink’ out of your hands.

Vyoma Network

VYOMA means the “Sky-Heaven”

That’s exactly what Vyoma Network is all about. At Vyoma, we take you on a journey of financial stability and success with the world’s second most consumed beverage on Earth.

Start a Successful business, be a part of this revolution!

Vyoma’s vision is to write a new story within every household in India and create a Network that has a ripple effect on this universe while every individual takes a step towards a financially stable entrepreneurial path to success.

Vyoma believes in empowering its members with the opportunity to live their lives with family while the Network takes care of their needs. With the motto of spreading financial independence helping people generate wealth through Networking,

Vyoma shall continue to enrich the lives of its people and the family who believes in walking together hand in hand. At Vyoma Network we have created an opportunity that is easy, from the comfort of your homes and highly profitable.