Twin Tea Gift Pack

Twin Tea Gift Pack


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Original Green Tea / Desi Detox Kahwa / Herbal Tea – Pyramid Tea Bag

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This is a Vegetarian Product.

Chaiom Original Green Tea – It ensures freshness and quality making way into your hot cup of tea. It is Globally accepted as being Beneficial in Cardiovascular problems, Diabetes Prevention, Lowering Cholesterol, Antioxidant Properties and Boosts Metabolism, Reduces Obesity i.e. weight loss, Enhances Immunity. Promotes Clear Skin, helps you meet your daily water intake, reduces blood pressure, boosts immune system, calms nervous system, detoxify organs and improves blood circulation.

Desi Detox Kahwa – It is a fragrant, mild green tea made with whole spices, saffron and originally from the Kashmiri cuisine. It is best for Detox, Relieves cough and cold. Heals and cleanse your digestive system and improves metabolism. GIFT YOUR LOVED ONES WITH THEIR GOOD HEALTH TODAY

Herbal Tea – Not just any other tea, this is a herbal medicine that has been specially put together by in-house experts. Its consumption early in the morning gives a boost to our metabolic rate without an onslaught of harmful acids in the stomach. It is a simple and handy alternative to all the herbal concoctions that are time-consuming and take a lot of effort to put together. The tea is good to be consumed by people of any age with any medical condition. It is completely safe for those experiencing acid re-flux and mood swings due to the caffeine found in various green teas, regular tea, and coffee. With a combination of fine herbs, spices this tea is a perfect sip to ease out your appetite after heavy meals.

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Green Tea / Herbal Tea, Green Tea / Kahwa, Kahwa / Herbal Tea


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