Tea A Legacy

Tea A Legacy


Every day life changes, what is there today shall not be there tomorrow and leaving a legacy isn’t a choice or a force but  the kind of legacy you leave, though, is up to you and only you.

Tea is a Legacy! 

You must be wondering really .Yes it is .

As a parent, we will pass on an inheritance of some kind to our kids and grandkids. The type of inheritance, though, depends on us and I choose to leave tea as a legacy for my child.

Tea shall be the greatest legacy I can pass on to my child and so can you .


So your children might not remember you for the bank balance that you create, for the assets you make instead they will remember you for the memories you make . While you sip your cuppa of health and talk to them staying away from all other distraction, that is the conversation that shall impact your child’s future .


My ancestors left me no heritage but they left me a lot of stories that I smile at on my won when I sit and sip my cup of earl grey tea early in the morning, isn’t that my tea – a legacy  


From a child to a grown up to an old person some traditions never change and so is the tea ceremonies at home, they might not be very lavish or extravagant but they always leave a legacy over the cup of tea memories 

This is a great privilege and yet it is also a great responsibility. Upon hearing stories of friends or high profile people who have damaged their legacy with an act of infidelity coz the legacy was  only materialistic , my thoughts turn to my child and my future grandchildren and great-grandchildren , to leave something a tradition a culture with tea that shall forever be my legacy 


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