Have you ever wondered if tea may get replaced or substituted by another beverage? Well not surprisingly for many of us the answer is no, there is no other beverage  which is as refreshing and soothing as tea. For some of us , brewing tea is an emotion which makes us feel lifted and better in our lonely times rather than a being  just a social symbol.

Tea is a perfect fit for all reasons and seasons, it will be interesting to uncover why the tea festival is celebrated in India . Tea has its presence in our country from  750 BC and the country officially involved in the production of this commodity since 18th century. India is known to be the largest producer of this commodity , our teas are famous worldwide due to their premium quality especially Darjeeling teas among all the others. The Northeastern Area ranked among the top regions for tea production in India especially the states – Assam, Darjeeling  and Siliguri. 

We all have grown up hearing about festivals like Holi, Diwali , Eid, Gurpurab etc. but it is astonishing to discover that India not only celebrates different cultures and traditions rather the country also values the commodity for which they are recognized across the Globe. It may sounds odd to some but yes in India we do to celebrate and respect our commodities and the clear symbol of  is represented in Assam by celebrating “The tea festival”. In addition to it this state is also known across the globe for its black tea production, which  is now a “Brand Identity” for it as it accounts about  50% of the total tea production of India. Dibrugarh district in Assam is the main tea producing region and even has the highest exports in India. This district is recognized  as the “Tea City of India.”

“Tea Festival” , a festival which is all about tea , music and joy. This festival is celebrated at Jorhat , a district in Assam which is famous for the tea research center situated there named as “The Tocklai Tea Research center” where research work on new and existing varieties of tea takes place.

This festival gives us the warmth and happiness with which  this drink always serves us with. It is about cherishing our glorious ancient  period , where tea is not  just a commodity rather its a social status symbol for the royals and more than that a healing tonic for everyone. The festival  involved the conferences where the current issues of the tea industry are discussed. These conferences provide a unique platform to gain pertinent information on all facets of the Indian Tea Industry. People who are involved with producing, selling, distributing, manufacturing or preparing can benefit from this event and enhance their knowledge and understanding of tea. Delegates from all over the world come to attend this festival.

Apart from this, you can taste various varieties of tea under one roof. There are many activities such Ethnic fairs, food fests, visit to tea heritage sites, adventure sports and much more, which can be enjoyed during the festival.

A tea festival of India is a great way to cherish again our royal ancient culture and  gain more knowledge on our favorite drink. Let’s brew a change in the air and not only Assam but  every state of India should celebrate  it with enthusiasm so that we can make people aware about the importance of tea in their life and hardships with which a tea worker has to go while picking the leaves for them.

It’s the time to wake up and celebrate this true happiness together!!!


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