Without this magical brew, Can you think of Rain

Without this magical brew, Can you think of Rain

Not a big fan of rains, but I definitely try my best to enjoy the sound of dripping water, the smell of wet soil, and clear surroundings. With all the dust settled down, the ground has been left clean and green, wet and vulnerable.

The beautiful monsoon evening when you have this cup of tea in one hand and enjoy the immense magic of rain drops which touch your face. The aroma of cardamom and brewing spices is so strong; it more or less not just fills the nostrils but also the heart with happiness. Tea and Rain have a unique connection, not just a drink but a celebration that most of us cannot imagine the monsoon without. It is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiments.

Rain, a word synonymous to a steaming cup of tea that binds us unequivocally, no matter what our differences may be. Every time we bring it close to our lips and smell it and take the first sip-love, warmth and comfort that it serves us with during the drizzle. As tea steeps and water transforms from the clear to rusty red, it looks phenomenal just as we are in the lap of nature admiring its beauty.

Tea is just an excuse; we are actually drinking the rain, the gloom in that cup. No matter whether you are having it in a fancy cup sitting inside the office, or in a kulhad under a tin roof, or in a glass tumbler outside a khokha, what actually matters is the memories and the connections that you are making over it or with it.


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