About Us – CHAIOM®

About the Brand

Om is the beginning and existence of all and as Indians Chai is our culture. Hence CHAIOM was born to serve Wisdom in a cup.

CHAIOM means tradition, health, and happiness. We believe in creating an infusion of Indian culture into our teas – which are handpicked, sustainable, and timeless. Tea is a culture and we ensure every tea consumer has the right to celebrate it with each sip.

About the Company

Payalh Agarwwal the founder of CHAIOM was born in a small village in the land of Teas, Darjeeling and after a two-decade-long career in Education and Food and Beverage domain, she found her WHY in TEA, coz she believes “ TEA runs in her veins parallel to  BLOOD” and this belief became words engraved in gold when her teenage son Romharsh also joined hands with her during the tough times of pandemic.

CHAIOM brand is owned by Zolina Express Pvt Limited which is a  company that aims to promote Indian products and Indian initiatives Globally. Zolina Express offers to cater to all your A to Z and Z to A necessities around the world of TEA.

As a Food and Beverage Specialist, she was always very fascinated with the Wine and Cheese Pairing concept and hence she started Pairing Tea and Honey together and added another feather named MADHOM to the portfolio of Zolina Express Pvt ltd.

The idea behind the whole setup is to enlighten the consumer about the benefits of Tea and Honey thereby encouraging them to adopt a healthier lifestyle and well-being!

We are a Mom and Son duo-owned start-up growing with the Vocal for Local mission and vision with a focus on the wellness and health of our clients which in contemporary life is important to an individual.


In 2017 Chaiom started with an idea to depict the Omnist behavior of Chai. The journey of this tea venture by the  daughter of Darjeeling started since she  believed that she is definitely bitten by the tea bug in her early life but while traveling across the globe she realized that Darjeeling tea has a different taste than most the tea available in the countries she visited.

The idea to be a tea-preneur began with Payalh’s journey from Europe, the smile and glitter in the eyes of the tea drinkers for Darjeeling Tea consolidate her thought that internationally, Tea is not just a mere commodity but rather it’s a lifestyle. After returning back, backed by her experiences, and massive research she decided to disrupt the traditional tea industry. And now “ChaiOm” came to life. OM is present in all our trademarks, as the Team is OMNIST in character. Alongside, her restaurant and hotel business, she started working in a tea factory to gain more insight & learn the experiences. With the growing business, ChaiOM shifted from Siliguri to New Delhi to fulfill the vision of the founder to create a healthy lifestyle for society and change the perception of people towards tea in our country.

Our Mission

The mission is to make Tea, the Wine for the world.

Our Vision

Every family in this country should have a Teapreneur.