New Age Tea Gift Set | 4 New Flavors of Pyramid Tea bags | 40 cup Tea

New Age Gift Box

New Age Tea Gift Set | 4 New Flavors of Pyramid Tea bags | 40 cup Tea


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The specially curated new flavor of tea gift set with 4 flavors of tea bags. A traditional Chai Tea trio with sweet & spicy Indian notes loved by icons


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There’s nothing quite as cozy on a chilly day as a steaming cup of tea. In summer, a tall glass of tea over ice is a thoroughly refreshing elixir. . Accompanied with 4 variants of pyramid tea bags 10pcs each, the tea gift set is a thoughtful and healthy option for nearly anyone on your gift list throughout the year.

So, Chaiom comes with a new-age tea gift set not only for old also for young people who can enjoy the new flavors of tea.

  • Darjeeling Tea: An unique blend from Darjeeling.
  • Rejuvenate Tea: Rejuvenate your inner peace.
  • Turmeric Tea: Start your day with the healing ayurvedic turmeric tea.
  • Spicy Cinnamon Tea: Concoction Made with black tea and spiced with cinnamon.


Important points:

LOOSE LEAF TEAS SUPERIOR LEAVES: Contains only whole leaves or partially cut leaves which allow more of the tea to come into contact with water.

FLAVORFUL & AROMATIC: Whole leaves allow better extraction of flavor & aroma for an exceptionally amplified taste.

HEALTHIER BREW: Whole leaves allow better extraction of vitamins & minerals making it a healthier brew.

LOOSE EQUALS FRESHNESS: Loose teas have a superior quality as they are young and fresh.

BETTER VALUE AS MORE TEA: Can be steeped multiple times as the whole leaves are more flavourful.

MAKES A UNIQUE GIFT: An assortment of loose teas makes a unique gift.

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