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Retro Tea Culture Gift Box

Retro Tea Culture | Tea Gift Box | Traditional chai tea | 60 Cup Tea


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Ready for retro party tea gift box contains 3 traditional teas. Darjeeling Tea, Assam Tea, and English Breakfast Tea


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Our Retro Tea Gift Box contains our best-selling, highly collectible mini gift packs. Enjoy a range of our specially selected blends of English Breakfast Tea, Assam Tea, and Darjeeling tea. Perfect for a party, to enjoy on a special occasion or simply to give as a gift!

The gift set contains set of 3 loose-leaf tea in mini boxes featuring the Vintage-Retro inspired designs:

  • Darjeeling Tea: Sourced fresh from the iconic tea plantations of Darjeeling, this blend is a unique selection of black teas. A full-bodied cup that starts with pronounced notes of burnt wood. Around the middle, smoke and firewood aromas arrive, immediately balanced by pleasant raw fruity accents.
  • Assam Tea: Originating from exotic North East Asia, this tea has been used for centuries due to its plethora of health benefits.
  • English Breakfast Tea is an exquisite blend of the finest black teas. This blend, although, an invigorating experience and the perfect companion for your morning breakfast can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Important points:

LOOSE LEAF TEAS SUPERIOR LEAVES: Contains only whole leaves or partially cut leaves which allow more of the tea to come into contact with water.

FLAVORFUL & AROMATIC: Whole leaves allow better extraction of flavor & aroma for an exceptionally amplified taste.

HEALTHIER BREW: Whole leaves allow better extraction of vitamins & minerals making it a healthier brew.

LOOSE EQUALS FRESHNESS: Loose teas have a superior quality as they are young and fresh.

BETTER VALUE AS MORE TEA: Can be steeped multiple times as the whole leaves are more flavourful.

MAKES A UNIQUE GIFT: An assortment of loose teas makes a unique gift.

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