Six Sigma | Tea Gift Set | 6 Herbal Teas | 70 Cup Tea

Six Sigma Tea Gift Set

Six Sigma | Tea Gift Set | 6 Herbal Teas | 70 Cup Tea


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Rejuvenate your senses with our six sigma tea gift set having 6 flavors of herbal tea. chai tea, white tea, Turmeric Tea, Green Tea & Chamomile Tea


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Tea never looked so good. We encourage relaxing moments spent together with this thoughtful set six sigma to rejuvenate your senses with this set of six handcrafted tea blends which come in a gorgeous tea gift set.

Spicy Tea: Start Your day with chai tea.

Symphony: Glow yourself with a sip of white tea.

Gold brew: An Ayurvedic blend of turmeric and green tea.

Herb basket: Chamomile Tea


Important points:

  • LOOSE LEAF TEAS SUPERIOR LEAVES: Contains only whole leaves or partially cut leaves which allow more of the tea to come into contact with water.
  • FLAVORFUL & AROMATIC: Whole leaves allow better extraction of flavor & aroma for an exceptionally amplified taste.
  • HEALTHIER BREW: Whole leaves allow better extraction of vitamins & minerals making it a healthier brew.
  • LOOSE EQUALS FRESHNESS: Loose teas have a superior quality as they are young and fresh.
  • BETTER VALUE AS MORE TEA: Can be steeped multiple times as the whole leaves are more flavourful.
  • MAKES A UNIQUE GIFT: An assortment of loose teas makes a unique gift.

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