Tea Rendezbous | Tea Gift Set | 4 Indian Traditional Chai | 60 Cup Teas

Tea Rendezvous Gift Box Set

Tea Rendezbous | Tea Gift Set | 4 Indian Traditional Chai | 60 Cup Teas


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A traditional Chai Tea quarter with sweet & spicy Indian notes loved by icons.  4 In 1 Tea Gift Set with White tea, Darjeeling Tea, Assam Tea, and Turmeric Tea.


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A captivating Tea Gift Set of 4 of our unique blends with impeccable taste and a host of health benefits. A thoughtful and elegant tea gift for tea lovers, be it for a special occasion or for season’s greetings! We present you with a tasteful duo of our choicest, in-house blends that entice one’s senses with unique flavors and a host of health benefits. A unique quarter, that gives you or a loved one a peek into our master blends, packed in a classy glass test tube.

White Tea: White Tea brings a glow to the skin and avoids wrinkles. They are used in the production of many cosmetics also. These teas have a higher degree of health benefits in comparison to Green Teas and are especially good for anti-skin aging, teeth cavities, and diabetes type-2.

Darjeeling Tea: Darjeeling is best known for its teas, which are so good that they are called the Champagne of Teas. Darjeeling oolong tea is a successful combination of the woody muscatel notes of the Darjeeling teas with the floral aromatic notes and lingering flavor of the Chinese oolong. The resulting tea is bold, full-bodied, and complex with orchid undertones.

Assam Tea: Fresh golden tips steep a malty cup with delicious notes of dates & maple syrup. A fine summer harvest from Assam.

Turmeric Tea: This lemongrass tea with turmeric is the perfect blend of calming herbs. Anyone can benefit from drinking this, especially because it can boost the immune system and act as an anti-cancer agent. People with pain caused by inflammation can perhaps benefit the most.

Important points:

Loose Leaf Teas Superior Leaves: Contains only whole leaves or partially cut leaves which allow more of the tea to come into contact with water.

Flavorful & Aromatic: Whole leaves allow better extraction of flavor & aroma for an exceptionally amplified taste.

Healthier Brew: Whole leaves allow better extraction of vitamins & minerals making it a healthier brew.

Loose Equals Freshness: Loose teas have a superior quality as they are young and fresh.

Better Value as More Tea: Can be steeped multiple times as the whole leaves are more flavourful.

Makes a Unique Gift: An assortment of loose teas makes a unique gift.



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