“Not the name, but the color of their blouse -Women in Tea Industry”

We believe that just like the aroma , taste and flavor of tea can only be known when the water is boiled in the same way a woman shows her strength, her capabilities and her capacity when she is put under such circumstances . Just as the tea brews to release its flavor, a woman faces everything only to make things better.

Women – to whom we respect, we honor and we worship .A gender which perfectly symbolizes power, love and strength in every aspect .The ones  who have played a key role in bringing about the change in the Society and changed the winds with their own hands, the ones which  can be docile and at the same time can also rise up to the occasion as and when required. But when we look at the condition of women in a tea estate a whole stanza written  above looks mysterious.

Tea , a pride of   notion of our country ,not a mere beverage rather an emotion for every Indian family. The drink which attracts a variety of people across generations, with different tastes, backgrounds and is also seen to transcend borders.  A royal ancient culture which is not only known for its social stigma in the society but also  for the health benefit which  it embarks us with. Tea Estates  of our country are famous across the globe, The green gardens with the magical breeze and calmness in the atmosphere is heaven like feeling but do we ever wonder that  the tranquil and lushy green leaves waving in these estates are the result of sacrifices  which a tea -worker is making for our cup of happiness.

It may sound odd to you all but yes it is the bitter truth. Tea Industry is a labor intensive industry in which large workforce is required to carry out the practices. Above this the 70% workers of this industry are women who are the most potential labor force. Irrespective of their capabilities, sexual division of labor is highly prevalent in the tea plantation system. The entire spectrum of elements acts as a barrier in the equitable participation of women ranging from education, training, health, cultural and social considerations.

“ A life without dignity- the price for your cup of tea”– ,the beverage which is enjoyed in every house of our country is the hard work of  each woman working there ,leaving her  children and family aside creating happiness for us , sacrificing their own  pride. Instead of their equal efforts like men in the workplace , they are still not recognized and praised by society , rather they are being  applauded with less wages and color name recognition in the work area.

A Sip of CHAIOM tea can trigger your mind and the solution is only a sip away; the woman in your life can pull you out of any problems by giving a perfect solution to it. Trust her, respect her and applaud her for all her efforts which she is making for us, as they are the true architects of our society. 


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