“Tea not just a drink rather a lifestyle”

“Tea not just a drink rather a lifestyle”

Tea, the second most consumed beverage on this planet after water. Oh!! let me just correct the statement not a beverage but an emotion  which pour love, warmth  and care in every sip. Moreover it is a drink without which nobody can think to start their day. The thick sweet drink is the integral part of  our country which reflects the rich culture, folklore and heritage. Whatever the occasion, mood or season we are in, tea fits with all. Something seems to be incomplete for a day when you have not held a cup of hot tea in hand, an inner feeling of every Indian.

In the modern and fast moving world,everyone has their set priorities in life, nothing stops but the chapters keep changing . But any of us ever wonder  what combines us all together, our love for this exquisite beverage ,TEA combines us together. Might be we are not in our country due to some work, might be we don’t get time to sit together , might may be we don’t talk to one another daily, but whenever  we sit sipping this hot brew a a beautiful memory which we have with our special ones  gives us flashback and everything seems to be together in a moment.

This cuppa is not only known for its incomparable taste , flavours or aroma but also for the healing power with which this drink fills our soul with. Tea consumption daily isn’t harmful. It is a magical bullet which can be incorporated into  an overall healthy diet with whole grains, fish, fruits and vegetables, and less red and processed meat.Tea contains components which are linked to better health. The major chemicals are polyphenols, in particular catechins and epicatechins. These are enriched in tea, especially green tea.Tea itself appears to have no harmful effects except for a case of the jitters if you drink too much  of the caffeinated brew. It fits in perfectly fine with a heart-healthy lifestyle. So if you drink tea, keep it up, but don’t take up the habit thinking it will have a dramatic impact.

Nobody can ever  forget the shock of 2020,  true the pandemic time which affected everyone around the globe.The situations worsened that people don’t have the security of their survival . All the industries were impacted badly due to this COVID period including the tea industry.Tea Industry is the source of  livelihoods for more than 80 million people in the world , but this pandemic period heavenly impacted this industry .In this regard, tea was like any other labor-intensive industry, but suffered a unique and cruel blow based on timing alone.The announcement of thi lockdown the first flush harvest for both the regions i.e. Darjeeling and Assam.The lockdown halted production and the  Indian production was 113 million kgs down on the previous year, bringing supply back into alignment with demand.In addition to it the domestic consumption of this drink also got reduced by 40 kgs.

The bottom line above all is that today is 2021 ,the countless people around the globe are saved, the market is coming back on track with many other opportunities. The government is also launching various schemes for the revamping of the industries in the market. Tea accounts for the highest export commodity of our country. With respect to it is not only seen as a  mere beverage rather its medicinal properties are noted more by the period of pandemic , in which people realized the value of health. The tea market is upcoming with various opportunities which can be noticed with starting of new startups in this particular industry and paving a path of success for many young minds.


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