Life experience is like a rainbow, it has all the colors- some we love, and some we don’t love as much. The same ideology goes for TEA, it has all the blends, some we love and some we don’t love as much. But when we see the blends altogether it appears magical just like ethereal days with a beautiful rainbow

Tea is something that runs through our global cultural fabric. With this kind of cross-cultural appeal, tea has the real power of combining everyone in a synergy. When it becomes a ritual, it takes the place at the heart of our ability to see greatness in small things, it aspire us that beauty doesn’t lie in great things else beauty is a jewel of infinity that one can find even in small things, may possible that for someone it can even be a cup of tea which is full of love and emotions.

 Today we will be heading on a journey that will give us a greater appreciation for tea’s connective power. Tea or chai, as it is referred to in many cultures, is a symbol of hospitality, community and family tradition. The millions of people, who have immigrated to new places around the world, come together with other tea drinkers to remember and celebrate their roots. The gentle ambience of tea is personal and cannot be duplicated in an individual’s life. It’s an imaginary voyage that captures the essence of traditions and cultures along with it.

I was most struck with how universal the “ceremony” of tea drinking has become for cultures around the world; the kind of tea, the way it’s served, who drinks it. Tea, like so many traditions of food and drink, comes with family recipes passed down and memories of moments surrounding the ritual of tea drinking.

Without sharing a language we can share a cup of tea. We are connected by this universal need for sustenance, and in that, we can find closeness. Our unique customs are what that makes us different, but what makes us all so remarkably similar is a cup of tea.


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