Top 10 Delicious Teas to Enjoy During Afternoon Tea


Top 10 Delicious Teas to Enjoy During Afternoon Tea

It is good to keep the afternoon’s delicious tea menu in mind while choosing tea during the afternoon. Everyone will enjoy afternoon tea even more if the food and tea are the ideal matches. Certain teas pair better with savory food than others do with the sweet course. Because of this, it is permissible to partake in a variety of delicious teas at this formal tea session. These are some teas to have with afternoon tea.

1. Black Tea

Black tea is not just a beverage, but a lifestyle. And giving try chaiom’s super black tea to prove it right. An elegant brew of black tea makes up this breakfast tea. The copper infusion, which is strong and flavorful, is a standard in afternoon tea. You can have it either with or without milk.

2. Darjeeling Tea

It would be appropriate to serve afternoon tea with champagne of tea! By Chaiom’s own Darjeeling black tea. The majority of Darjeeling teas are served at afternoon tea. The harsh and astringent qualities of the flavor complement both savory and sweet meals.

3. Assam Black Tea

This black tea is another favorite for tea time because they have its own unique genuinity. You can serve it with sugar or milk. The sour flavors balance out the creamy desserts, which makes it easier to take in the moment.

4. Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey, unquestionably the most well-liked black tea variety, is a favorite to sip with afternoon tea since it goes well with both scones and desserts. This citrus concoction tastes great with milk and has bergamot oil as its flavoring.

5. Gun powder Tea

This green tea has tea leaves in the shape of pellets that resemble gunpowder, therefore the name. The catechins and naturally occurring substances in tea can help in blood sugar management. The salty or spicy dish from afternoon tea goes well with it.

6. Milk Oolong Tea

This oolong tea gets its name from its distinctive milky taste. So, don’t be deceived by it! This tea doesn’t contain any milk. It is naturally creamy and has honey orchid fragrances. Try it with treats like small cakes, tarts, and cookies, or enjoy it on its own.

7. Chamomile Tea

This fragrant, naturally sweet tea has an apple-like flavor and contains no caffeine. When combined with scones or afternoon tea treats, the calming qualities are fantastic. These teas are a pleasant way to finish your day.

8. White Tea (White peony)

An exquisite white tea with overtones of melon, freshness, and sweetness. It is perfect for mild and fruit-based treats because of the pleasant flavors. Without milk, best.

9. Rooibos

This herbal tea has a full-bodied flavor that is smooth and slightly nutty and woody. You can drink Rooibos without or with milk. The three-afternoon tea meals pair well with the flavor profile. But I particularly like sipping this herbal tea while munching on salty snacks.

10. Peppermint

Tea with peppermint flavor is refreshing and naturally caffeine-free. The best part is that the mint flavor goes well with everything on the afternoon tea menu. Serve it with scones, tea sandwiches, and even desserts. It goes very nicely with chocolate-based sweets.

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